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I am just going to come right out and say it: the piano is the best instrument there is. I say that with confidence, because I truly believe it. How many other instruments exude class and sophistication the same way the piano does? As if class and sophistication were not enough, the piano also presents mental challenges, improves self esteem, and reduces stress. With dedication and practice, you can learn how to play the piano by taking piano lessons.

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When most people sign up for piano lessons, they do not actually own a piano. Instead, most people assume that they can learn to play the piano on a keyboard. This, however, is untrue. It is necessary that a beginner has access to a piano, as it varies greatly from a keyboard. For example, the piano has 88 keys total, whereas most keyboards only contain 66. You cannot play the piano sheet music on all keyboards, because some keyboards do not allow enough notes to be played simultaneously.
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